Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Reader's Guide to Fat Girl

My next novel, Fat Girl, will be live on Amazon in both print and digital formats on 4.15.15. I thought I'd share a few thoughts with readers so you have some context, background, and general expectations for the book.

1. Fat Girl is full of humor. The main character, Claire Sterling, is sarcastic and cynical. Don't take her too seriously and don't be afraid to laugh!

2. Some of Fat Girl is emotional, especially when Claire shares hurtful experiences she had growing up, both with her peers and her mother. Nearly all of those memories are based on things that actually happened to me. This is the first time I've ever shared many of these stories.

3. Claire is getting a divorce and venturing out into the dating world. She shares several messages and conversations from an online dating site. The interactions in the book are nearly all actual real-life correspondence received by either me or friends, complete with horrific spelling and grammar!

4. While not technically a romance, there is a strong romantic element to the book. I'm not characterizing it as a romance because I think the purpose of the book is much broader.

5. Like Claire, I have struggled with disordered eating for most of my life. I don't think it's something from which one ever fully recovers, but writing this book has done a great deal to help me heal and form new patterns of thought and behavior.

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