Monday, August 19, 2013

so about my name...

Many of you who live in Greencastle and the surrounding areas know my full name. Many of you know my parents, my brother and sister, and you probably know both my maiden and married surnames too. When I decided to write this book, I struggled with whether or not to use a pseudonym. A close friend of mine suggested that I use my maiden name and after some discussion I decided to take his advice. But I decided to use my initials instead of my full given name.

Some of you may have already realized my choice is paying homage to one of my favorite authors of all time, L.M. Montgomery of  Anne of Green Gables  fame. I always liked to imagine that Lucy Maud was a long lost relative of mine. I also thought "Green Gables" was not too dissimilar to "Green Castles," and I'd like to think my three heroines are as spunky and lovable as Anne and that their friendship echoes the "kindred spirits" philosophy that Anne espouses.

Little did I know, though, that L.M. Montgomery also wrote a book about a colored castle! I was googling the phrase "green castles book covers" just to get some ideas about my own book cover when I came across The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.

I'd never even heard of it. Has anyone read it? I just ordered a copy. But goodness, my book even seems more meant to be now. :) I only hope that I can do the name justice!

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